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At every sales meeting, it's all about discovering new ways to better serve the customer. It's also about networking and sharing ideas. It can, also, mean having some fun. If you're looking for sales meeting entertainment ideas, you're at the right place. Bob Garner is your corporate sales meeting entertainment idea that will "WOW" your group!

Regardless of the industry, Bob customizes his presentation to include the messaging that you want your group to hear.

Additionally, as a funny keynote motivational speaker, Bob delivers empowering information that your team can immediately use. This content is drawn from Bob's experience as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, as well as an impressive track record as a spokesperson and trainer who has assisted corporations in selling millions of dollars in products and services.

Then, to reinforce specific points of his presentation, Bob utilizes his talents as a corporate entertainer - some say corporate mentalist, others a corporate magician. Whatever you want to call it, Bob's amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP cleverly illustrate his messaging.

Add to that some clean humor and audience participation, and you get the "WOW" factor.

For national and international audiences and for any industry, Bob will "WOW' your group with astonishing entertainment and empowering information!

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corporate leaders who want the WOW Factor at their events!


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Sales Meeting Event Entertainment Ideas!

Here are just a few ways to incorporate the talents and skills of corporate entertainer, funny motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies Bob Garner
as your next sales meeting entertainment!

Kick -Offs to Mid-Way to Wrap-Ups:
From kicking off your meeting to a mid-way energizer to a wrap-up presentation, Bob delivers and will help you achieve your event goals.

Awards Banquet:

Having a professional master of ceremonies or funny emcee can make your awards banquet not only fun, but move smoothly. Bob will work with you via rehearsals, as well as with your audio/video team to make sure that everything moves without a hitch.
Bob can introduce the awards, as well as segue into speakers or videos and more.

Q & A:

Having Bob emcee your Q & A segment of your meeting is a great way to keep the energy high. Quick on his feet, yet always respectful, Bob can head out to the audience and keep the questions coming in a fun way.

After Dinner Entertainer:
The perfect after dinner entertainment choice to compliment a fine meal is Bob Garner. Whenever you can mix great food with astonishing entertainment, you have a "winning hand." As an after dinner speaker and corporate entertainer, Bob delivers!

Funny Keynote Speaker:

As a funny keynote motivational speaker, Bob delivers empowering information based on your needs. As a author and writer on personal and professional productivity, Bob is informative and provides usable ideas that your audience can apply to immediately. Plus, as an entertaining motivational speaker, Bob reinforces his content with amazing entertainment and humor, as well as plenty of audience interaction. There is a reason that corporations and associations worldwide turn to Bob when they want a funny motivational speaker who actually says something and is entertaining.

Entertaining Speaker
- Corporate Entertainment:
When you prefer a presentation with more entertainment, Bob can do that too. You see, Bob always finds out from you how much information and how much entertainment will work best for your group. Plus, Bob can provide a 30-35 minute presentation up to 90 minutes. It's all about your group and what you want. That's why when companies want a funny motivational speaker and a corporate entertainer, they call on Bob.

These are just a few of the ways that companies have used the skills and talents of sales meeting entertainer Bob Garner as corporate event entertainment. If you're looking for sales meeting entertainment ideas, then call us at 805-534-1576.

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